Reflections On The Journey

Meet Faye Heffele

Founder and CEO

Meet Faye

Reflections On The Journey LLC was begun in 2016 by Faye Heffele, MBA, DTM as a means to give hope and encouragement to others.

Faye earned her MBA from the University of St. Thomas and spent a number of years in the corporate world as an Accountant, Manager, and Business Analyst. She is an active member of Toastmasters International, leading several clubs to distinguished status and she has earned Toastmasters' highest award, the Distinguished Toastmaster. Faye is also an international speaker and published author.      

Faye is passionate about her faith and helping others, especially those dealing with struggles in their personal lives. Perhaps she can be described as “seasoned” in experiencing loss, since she has experienced many losses over the years, in the forms of death, divorce, illness of both herself and family members, unexpected job changes and family relationship trauma. Faye’s spiritual growth through her studies and personal struggles has given her effective tools to give hope and encouragement to others on their life journey. Faye offers inspiring presentations, challenging workshops and reflective published materials.  

Faye published her first book in 2014, a volume of prose and poetry entitled “Reflections On The Journey: Thoughts and Prayers on Life,” and her second book "Reflections On The Journey: Living The Rosary" hit the shelves in the fall of 2016.

Our Mission

To provide help, encouragement and inspiration during the journey of life resulting in stronger faith and purpose.

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