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When Will it End? 

Dealing with Multiple Losses

It’s hard enough dealing with one loss. But when you are faced with many losses, especially when they occur in constant succession, how do you handle it?

This presentation discusses the reality that multiple losses do occur and these can affect persons in more challenging ways than handling only one loss. As an experienced “grief survivor,” Faye will share some of her stories with multiple losses and explore ways to cope with continual grief. Faye will also describe how her faith assisted her recovery from these losses.

Facing Fears With Faith:

Dealing with Short-term and Permanent Losses

Personal losses can be categorized as either short-term or long-term. People often need to handle these types of losses differently. This presentation explores several short-term and long-term losses Faye has faced and how she used her faith to work through these losses and grow stronger in her faith.