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Rest and Relaxation

Posted on October 3, 2022 at 6:40 PM

Monday Meditation – Rest and Relaxation 9/26/2022


Everyone deserves some rest and relaxation. Most of us work hard to earn a living and take care of our responsibilities, and it’s important to rest. We can’t work 24/7 without getting burned out, and perhaps we might even turn into cranky old people! We need time to chill out, to do something different or do nothing at all. Even Jesus took breaks from his ministry – recall all the times he went off alone to pray!


Our rest comes in many forms – sleep of course is quite important! But other kinds of rest are also good.


Vacations are often a good source of rest. We can put aside our regular responsibilities and go to visit relatives or see a new country. Giving our minds a break allows our brains to become recharged and we are better able to resume our responsibilities when we return from our rest.


Most of us take vacations periodically. We may travel to some special destination we have longed to experience, we might choose to visit family and friends, or sometimes we have a “staycation” and take that needed break right in our own homes. What qualifies as a rest break for some might not be a rest at all for another person, though – it varies according to people’s needs and desires. Most people also need several different types of rest breaks. I know I need a variety of types and lengths for my breaks!


One of my favorite activities is to travel to new places, and now that I am retired, I try to do that a few times per year. Usually I travel with my husband, but sometimes I go with friends. I also enjoy visiting friends and family for a long weekend or a week. It’s so good to get away and do something different from my usual routine. I just have to be sure that I don’t pack too much into my vacation – if so, I may come home not feeling rested at all!


While long vacations are valuable for relaxation, so are short rests. I enjoy day trips to hike at a nearby park or visit a local museum or zoo. Sometimes my break is merely taking a day all for myself – like treating myself to alone time, sitting in a comfy chair with a cup of coffee and a good book, and perhaps a lunch out or getting a pedicure. These little breaks refresh me and allow me to get back to my regular schedule with renewed energy.


I recently returned from a vacation to Europe – it was refreshing to not worry about preparing meals but also seeing many historical places. And this week I plan to fit in a few small breaks – reading walking and something else not yet decided.


Are you taking time out of your life for rest and relaxation? If you can’t take a long vacation in the near future, I encourage you to at least set aside some “break time” for yourself this week, to recharge and renew your spirit. Do something fun or different and see what blessing you might get from your break.


Have a blessed Monday!


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