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Living Water

Posted on March 12, 2023 at 10:30 PM

Monday Meditation – Living Water - 3/13/2023


Yesterday’s Gospel reading at my church was about the Woman at the Well. You’ve probably all read this story – the version I heard is found in John 4:4-42.


This is a remarkable passage for me. Jesus was at Jacob’s Well in Samaria, and he shocked everyone by speaking to a woman of poor repute. He asked her for water, and spoke about many things, including Living Water. At first the woman did not understand. But gradually she understood that Jesus was there to give her Himself as the Living Water, and that changed her life.


I had the privilege of visiting Jacob’s Well when I was on my pilgrimage to Israel several years ago. We went into a church and down some steps to see it. By itself, the well was unremarkable – probably just like many wells of that time period, but to think that Jesus was there, and I was there. Would I be changed as well by the Living Water?


Today I would like to share a poem I wrote about this experience, from the woman’s point of view.


At The Well


Wearily, I made my way out to the edge of town;

At the site of Jacob’s Well I set my bucket down.


I tied the bucket to the rope and sent it down the well;

It took a while to reach the depth where waters freely swell.


As I hauled the bucket up, I noticed by a tree

A dusty, rugged Jewish man who gently smiled at me.


I turned my tired eyes away and tugged upon the rope.

The water splashed as up it came and I sensed a new hope.


The Jewish man began to speak though I’m Samaritan;

I didn’t know why he would want to talk with me, a woman.


First he asked me for a drink; I pondered what to say;

Then he spoke of a Living Gift to take my thirst away.


The Living Water, he proclaimed, will satisfy your thirst;

Never more to be afraid of pain or loss or worse.


He kept on probing in my soul and turned me inside out;

He told me all about my past and all the sins throughout.


Give me please, that I might drink this Living Water, sir;

I want to know the gracious gift to make my heart so pure.


And suddenly I felt His love breaking through my fears;

I sensed His grace and knew the truth; my eyes filled up with tears.


My heart was bared by this sweet man, He cleansed me from my sin;

The Living Water washed me clean and freed my soul within.


My heart began to burst with joy; I set my bucket down,

I had to share what I now knew to everyone in town.


I shouted up and down the street to everyone who’d hear

Come see the only one I’ve met who knew my every tear!


I led the people back to Him, they sat beneath His feet,

He shared with them as He’d with me the Living Water sweet.


I never will forget the day that I went to the well,

For that was when my saving Lord came in my heart to dwell.


Friends, I pray that this week you will take some time to ponder the blessings you may find in the gift of Living Water that Jesus has for you.


Have a blessed Monday!


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