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Lenten Sacrifice

Posted on February 12, 2023 at 9:05 PM

Monday Meditation – Lenten Sacrifice - 2/13/2023


Did you know that Lent is just over a week away? February 22nd is Ash Wednesday, and it will be here before you know it. Often, Lent sneaks up on me and I don’t take enough time to prepare myself, but this year I am getting ready for Lent NOW.


Many of us will remember as children that when Lent rolled around we were asked to make a sacrifice for Lent. In my home, it was required that I give up something, and no, I couldn’t give up homework! Reluctantly, I would give up things that I liked, such as chocolate or soda. (I tried to give up liver and onions one year, but my mother wouldn’t allow that…)


When I became an adult and was out on my own, I continued to give up things for Lent because that is what I knew to do. One year I even gave up BOTH chocolate and soda. That was one lonnnng Lent.


But I seldom thought beyond the idea of giving up things as my sacrifice. Therefore, I was surprised some years ago when I heard a speaker describe their sacrifice in Lent to be giving up bad habits and sins, like making negative comments about others. What? You can give up bad habits? Or give up sins? Instead of giving up things? Wow. That got me to thinking. And I started trying that.


And I also learned there are other kinds of sacrifices: we can choose to give something instead of giving up something. A giving sacrifice could be to volunteer at a homeless shelter or prepare meals for others. We could call or visit people who are homebound. In doing these actions we are sacrificing some of our personal time for the benefit of others, an excellent way to sacrifice for Lent.


Another idea would be to choose to do a weekly adoration hour during Lent. This sacrifice of our personal time grants us time to pray for others who need help. We can also just adore God during our hour, which qualifies as a sacrifice of praise! Any of these ideas are excellent ways to sacrifice for Lent.


Since I already do one adoration hour each week, I am choosing this Lent to do a second adoration hour, a giving of more of my time for God. As I am pretty busy with many volunteer activities already, this will be a sacrifice on my part, but one that I think will benefit me spiritually as well as benefit those for whom I will pray.


I encourage you to also choose some sacrifice of giving instead of (or in addition to!) giving up this year for Lent. I believe your sacrifice will a great blessing to others, and I also suspect you will be blessed by your sacrifice, too.


Have a blessed Monday!


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