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Posted on August 22, 2022 at 7:35 AM

Monday Meditation – Inspiration 8/15/2022


Have you ever been suddenly inspired?


I have been inspired a number of times. Sometimes it happens when I’m really thinking hard about something I have to do, and in pondering all the facts a solution just pops up. In some conversations a witty remark will suddenly just materialize in my brain.


But when I write, it’s different, Sometimes, when I sit down to write the words just do not come. More frequently it seems that my inspirations pop up out of the blue when I am not really looking to write. For example, years ago when on a retreat I was out walking in the woods. I sat down on an old bench to rest a bit, and I saw across from me a gnarled, ancient oak tree. Inspiration hit, and I pulled out my notebook and began to write. Another time I was struck by something a friend told me, and again, I immediately wrote down what I felt.


Each of these inspirations had a source. Some of my inspirations may just come from having facts on hand and life experiences, a bunch of unattached pieces floating in my conscience and sub-conscience, which suddenly start to fit into what was needed.


Most of my poetry and spiritual writing have been prompted by something I saw or heard, and I believe it was the Holy Spirit that nudged me in the “write” direction. I can’t prove this, of course, but that’s what it seems to be for me.


People can be inspired by many things and are often delighted by what people call the “eureka moment.” For some, it helps to read or sew. For others, nature provides inspiration. Some folks do something which Albert Einstein called “combinatory play” – the act of opening up one mental channel by experimenting in another, sometimes totally different. That may explain why Einstein would often play his violin when he was trying to solve a mathematical puzzle.


Christina Capecchi, in last week’s Catholic Spirit newspaper, said that “this underscores the Catholic belief that the body, mind and soul are intimately connected. We can spark one by tapping into another. And the health of one dimension often leads to the health of another. A long walk, a clearer mind. An active prayer life, lower blood pressure.”


How true! Last week I went for a walk and then was able to sit down and compose something intelligible for this blog post. I find when I am struggling with a dilemma that playing a word game will distract me and then I am able to calm down and resume my task. You may question whether these things are inspired by the grace of the Spirit, but I believe they are. God is all around us, and when He wants us to do something, I believe He will give us the necessary inspiration to move forward.


Here is something I wrote some years ago after being inspired:


“A Woman of Faith”


A woman of faith is a sturdy tree in the forest of God’s creation.


She began as a tiny seed, planted by the Master in a unique place in His precious garden.


As time passed, she grew as she sought wisdom, knowledge and strength from the rich soil of the scripture foundation beneath her, and from the nourishing sacramental waters poured out around her.


When she stretched her roots deeper into the Word, she grasped nuggets of wisdom nutrients to foster her faith. She was fed by the fertilizers of passing souls who each left their legacy from their own struggles and stories.


The Master caused rains of graces to cover her at the times she needed them, although she often did not realize what blessings she had received.


As she grew in strength, she revealed tiny buds of faith. The buds blossomed, and she tested these against the trials of life. Some withstood the tests, and some were false hopes. Yet she continued to branch out as an extension of Christ, developing a raiment of natural splendor in the golden hues of her leafy garments and in her graceful response to the promptings of the whispering Spirit.


She began to open herself up to travelers who happened by the spot that she had been given. They stopped for varying lengths of times to nestle and rest in her arms. While they were with her, she used her gifts to offer food and protection to hungry youngsters, and shelter to aging residents.


As she continued to reach out in faith, over time her branches became entwined with others near her. She gave assistance to them willingly, and also accepted support when she needed it.


But life was sometimes hard. The pains came as beloved branches snapped and were carried away in whirlwinds. Jealous bugs looked for ways to burrow underneath her bark, and wicked birds pecked away at her hope. She often was surrounded by foggy mists of uncertainty which threatened her self confidence. And occasional black shrouds of fear descended over her, enticing her to give up.


She continually had to fight to retain her faith. Periodically she would start to feel cold, and devilish storms would whip her branches, forcing her to bend at odd angles. Inevitably, the tears of winter would come, and her finery would fall into dull heaps around her. But her rooted faith remained steady, and she quietly accepted the snowy burdens as she patiently rode out the barren times, assured that Spring would come again to renew her.


And always the Son returned, and she would gratefully soak up the warm love. Gentle prayers of friends rained down around her, washing away the dirt and stains, and forgiveness would come. Her spirits lifted, and she was refreshed in body and soul, and was able to face life once again.


Yet even during the good times, once in awhile the Master would prune her, stripping away a branch or two of rotting sin. This left embarrassing wounds and scars, and sometimes even a noticeable hole where some large hurt had eaten away at her. Yet, she was able to prayerfully ask for healing, and in time the hurts and scars diminished.


Now she graciously allows others to see and use these wounds, to comfort those who needed to be gathered inside her heart for an understanding caress.


The faithful woman does not stand alone. She stands in a great forest with other women of faith, each planted in their own special places, each with their trials and their own gifts. Together they stand, tall and pure, upright, prophesying and gloriously raising their branches in praise and thanksgiving to their Master. They sway and dance with tambourine leaves rustling joyfully around them.


The woman of faith is a sturdy tree, committed to endlessly love and minister to those around her. She is a beautiful creation of her Master.



Have you been inspired lately? If so, be grateful and rejoice that you were inspired. If you are struggling for some inspiration, maybe take a break and do something else. That might be just what your mind needs to open up a path for the inspiration to sail in. I pray that this week you are blessed by an inspiration, or maybe even several!


Have a blessed Monday!


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