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Posted on September 6, 2021 at 6:20 AM

I’m not very fond of mirrors. I don’t like the reflection I see! I don’t think I am particularly good looking, and every time I look in a mirror I am reminded that I have so many flaws.


My sense of self-worth was pretty low when I was young. I was teased a lot for the way I looked. I never seemed to have the right clothes, I was overweight, and wearing glasses didn’t help, either. The few times I felt decent was when I was able to buy a nice piece of clothing or when I got contact lenses and wore makeup. For most of my life I avoided mirrors. I did not want to see what I saw there.


However, I have learned that how I look on the outside is not what matters. It’s what is inside that counts. A clean and loving heart goes a long way toward making one beautiful!


I also learned that God sees us as beautiful despite what the world may say. He sees us through His lenses, not our lenses, which recognize that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Seeing myself in God’s mirror has been transformational for me – I can see that I am a beautiful, caring woman with many gifts that I can share with others. When I look in God’s Mirror, I feel loved


St. Clare of Assisi (in her Letters) speaks about this Mirror, and I’d like to share her words here today:


Happy is the person

who clings with all their heart to our Lord

and shares in God’s sacred banquet.


God is the one whose beauty is praised

by heaven’s indefatigable angels.

God is the one whose kindness electrifies,

whose contemplation refreshes,

whose love satisfies,

whose joy replenishes,

whose celebration illuminates the world,

whose fragrance resurrects the dead,

whose splendid vision blesses,

whose eternal glory shines,

whose everlasting light burns brightest,

whose Mirror reflects all things flawlessly.


Look in that Mirror each and every day.

Study your face in it forever.

Then you can put on the most beautiful clothes

and wear them and every one of virtue’s flowers,

because happy poverty, holy humility,

and indescribable kindness

are reflected in that Mirror

as you contemplate them there.


Do you like mirrors? If you are not fond of the reflection you see in your physical mirror, try looking into God’s Mirror. May you be able to see in that Mirror to see your beautiful, wonderful self, and be blessed in knowing God’s immense love for you. Then perhaps you can be a mirror of God’s love to the others around you.


Have a blessed Monday!


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