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Guide My Steps

Posted on April 26, 2021 at 7:50 AM

Are you allowing God to guide your steps?


Do you remember when you were an infant? I don’t recall my infancy very well at all, but I do recall the infancy of my children. When they were young, they needed help – to be fed, to be changed, and to learn how to do many things. Their father and I tried hard as their primary guides as they learned to crawl, then walk, then attend school and learn.


Along the way, we also did our best to introduce them to another guide, Jesus. It’s challenging, though, to impart our faith upon our children. We try, but they may not “get it.” And when they turn into adults, they may not choose to allow us or Jesus to continue to guide them. It is then that we can only continue to model our faith for our children, and we have to allow them to go their own way.


I have had many guides over the years. My parents helped me to formulate the basics. Trusted teachers introduced me to various types of knowledge, which ultimately shaped my career path. And I have relied on various people as mentors for different tasks and issues that I faced.


Once my children were grown and I was able to spend more time figuring out what I wanted to “do” with the rest of my life, I took a spiritual turn. I decided to learn more about my faith. I began to read spiritual books, take Bible study courses, and I enrolled in the Catechetical Institute, a two-year course covering the Catechism. I have a daily reading and devotion booklet that I use, and I always am reading some work by a Christian author. I also attend daily mass as often as I can fit it into my schedule. I am allowing God to use these tools to guide me in life.


I can’t say that my life is now perfect, though. I never did have one of those flash moments where I suddenly my faith life became crystal-clear. I still have many failures and falls, and my faith journey is often a rocky one. I have a long way to go to become what God wants me to become. Will I ever be a saint? Well, maybe - at least it is something that I can strive for. But I do know that I can’t do it alone – I need God to guide my steps. So I must give Him as much opportunity to guide me as I can!


Are you allowing God to guide your steps? Perhaps this week you can spend a little time thinking about that. Maybe you can pick up some spiritual reading. Or perhaps you could attend an extra mass or join a Bible study group. Any of these tools could be a way to allow God to provide you some guidance and blessings on your journey.


Today I’d like to share one of my poems from my first book “Reflections On the Journey - Thoughts and Prayers on Life.”


You Are My Guide


I hear Your call, and I obey, climbing the hill of instruction.

I take the worn and beaten path so many have trod before.

But then you ask me to go higher, deeper into the innermost point of my soul.

I pick my way through the brambles and rocks that are the difficulties of my life,

But I make it through with Your steady arm to guide me.


You have a higher mission for me, and I continue upwards,

Journeying on the path You have laid before me.

Despite the stony obstacles that I face in this path,

When I follow You, the way is precious and beautiful,

A testimony to the rewarding plan You have for my life.

I am joyful that I have answered Your call.


The quietness of Your Love deafens me,

And peace shrouds me in a mantle of hope.

But I am so enveloped in the beauty that I become complacent, and I stray.

I pay no heed to the markers You have left for me to follow,

And finally I recognize that I am lost, and become fearful.

O Lord, how will I find my way back?


But You, O Lord, You always show me the way,

And after a few more steps a clear pathway appears,

One of smaller stones and yet so easy to follow.

I realize that I must let You guide my steps.


Teach me, Lord, to ever adhere to Your path.

When I stumble, tenderly lift me up again.

Should I stray, gently lead me back to You.

Guide me through the entire pathway of my life,

And escort me safely to my final resting place with You.


Have a blessed Monday!


© 2021


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