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Bless The Caregivers

Posted on August 1, 2016 at 2:55 PM

Caregivers are everywhere, if you just look. They include persons who care for the sick and disabled as well as those who care for children.  Some choose a career as caregivers, some become caregivers when they become a parent, and others kindly volunteers.  Yet many others are thrust into the role suddenly and without warning due to an illness or disability. 

A caregiver is responsible for the health and safety of another human being who is unable to care for himself, which means that other person’s life often becomes primary and the caregiver’s life becomes secondary.  A caregiver may no longer free to choose what to do with their own time, because they need to find a babysitter or schedule respite care. 

Life for a caregiver revolves around high-gear planning – ensuring everything in the home is safe, carefully prepping so meals and snacks will be ready on time, and strategically scheduling errands so no one runs out of some needed item.  When the caregiver needs to take her charge along with her, she must do even more planning and preparation, to allow for plenty of time to load them up, get there, and unload them when you arrive.  And don’t forget the diaper bag, snacks, change of clothes or needed medication!

I believe all caregivers are angels walking here on earth.  God bless them for all they do!  Caregivers are charged with the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of their charges, acting as teachers, healers, comforters, bathers, feeders, and so much more. They are dedicated, organized, patient, selfless, loving, big-hearted and just plain amazing.  To give up part of one’s life solely to care for another human being is an incredible gift of love, and far too often caregivers are not adequately recognized or appreciated.

If you are a caregiver, God bless you!  May God grant you adequate strength and perseverance to continue to serve with great love those special humans who have been gifted by your presence in their lives.  And may you be blessed as well with adequate rest, nutritious food and solid support so you can care for yourself. 

Please take a moment today to thank the caregivers who selflessly give up their time and energy to make life better for another human being, whether for someone in your own family or circle of friends, or even those you may meet randomly.  These blessed angels make our world a better place.


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