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Believe in Yourself

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When was the last time you had a vision to accomplish something totally new? How did you feel? Were you scared it might not go well? Did worry cloud your mind about what people would say? Did you doubt that you would be able to do the necessary work?


It’s easy to get pulled into fear or negativity when trying to act on a vision … our world is not always one of encouragement. You may feel overwhelmed with the effort required to accomplish your dream. People who do not share your vision may try to discourage you from moving forward. It can be so challenging to maintain a positive attitude and reject the temptation to give up.


Two years ago I had many doubts about my vision to publish a book. I had been writing poetry for some years, and was encouraged by friends to compile it into a volume. But I found that using a brick-and-mortar publisher was just too expensive, and I didn’t have any idea how to go about publishing it on my own. I got discouraged looking at the amount of effort I would have to put in, and I almost gave up.


But that’s where believing in myself came in. I had to go back to my vision – why did I want to publish this book anyway? My vision was to provide hope and encouragement to others through my words. True, I did not have all the skills needed to publish a book, but I could learn. If I truly believed in my vision, and believed in myself, then I could make my leap of faith to move forward.


It took quite a while for me to figure out how to do it. Thankfully I got some fabulous advice from friends and learned about inexpensive options to get some things done I couldn’t do myself. I made several mistakes along the way, but my third attempt produced a nice little book that I was pleased to publish. I did it! My book was published in the fall of 2014, because I believed in my vision and in myself.


Do you have a vision? BELIEVE you can do it. Believe in yourself and stand up for your dreams. Even in the difficult moments, keep focused on your goal and keep believing that you CAN achieve it. And you know what? You WILL!




Random Acts of Kindness

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"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." - Aesop

I love it when I see people being kind.  A young woman setting down her cell phone to open a store door for an older man.  A teenager smiling as he puts away a grocery cart for a mom trying to get two rowdy toddlers back into her car.  A rough-looking biker throwing his extra change and even some bills into the penny cup.

The husband of a friend of mine keeps a bag of canned goods in his car and when he sees a homeless person, he gives them some food along with a small piece of paper printed with a few inspirational words.

All of these are little acts, seemingly insignificant in the day-to-day busy world we live in.  Yet to the recipient of that act, it might mean something much bigger than you could imagine.  The internet abounds with stories of how someone's day was completely changed due to a kind act from a stranger.

How easy it is to do these acts.  It takes me less than a minute of my time to do something nice for someone.  I feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that maybe someone's day is brighter because I stopped to help them.

What can you do today to brighten someone's day?



Look Up!

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Do you get “down in the dumps” sometimes?  Or do you experience some form of depression?  When that downslide hits, getting through your day becomes challenging. Getting UP is hard.  Perhaps your posture slumps, you may choose not to eat or exercise, or your attitude sinks into the pit.

I know several people who live with depression, including a few in my immediate family. And I have days (and weeks) when problems hit one after another, things don’t go the way I planned, and suddenly I am feeling low and unhappy.  The temptation is strong to look down, give up, give in and feel that the world doesn’t love me.  It feels like God doesn’t care, either.  

When I was in my self-pity pit, it often took me a long time to get the energy to begin the climb out.  But I learned something the last time this happened to me:  I changed directions, and instead of looking down, I looked up. 

At first I didn’t see anything unusual when I looked up.  But then, slowly, I started to notice that the world was beautiful!  When I looked up, there was a yellow butterfly gracefully dancing around a plant on my patio.  When I looked up, bright rays were splashing down, brightening a clump of tiny white flowers.  When I looked up, I saw a relaxed red-tailed hawk circling lazily in the azure blue skies.  Then I began to listen. I heard the persistent peck-pecking of a downy woodpecker on a maple tree, and the gentle hum of a busy bee, grazing at the geranium buffet.  I closed my eyes, took a deep breath in and exhaled slowly, savoring the blessings God had granted to me.  I felt as if I could hear God whispering to me how much he loved me.

The next time you feel down, look up.  You might be amazed at what you will see and the change in your attitude you will feel.  


Cherish Your Novel

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My life began as an open book - a stack of blank pages eagerly awaiting me to add my incredible story.  I have to admit, the storyline in the first several chapters started rather slowly, as I grew from a typical toddler to a rather tranquil teen.  But then the plot thickened! A chapter would begin with an exiting event but then there was a terrible plot twist, and I would be exhausted by the time I'd made it to the chapter's last word. Then I'd take a breath, and move on to the next chapter with it's new unknown adventure.

Some chapters had more sorrow than joy.  I often wondered if the heroine would survive the latest peril, and could she employ her Nancy Drew sleuthing skills to figure out the mystery? And just when I thought I could not turn another page, there was an answer, with more joys than I could ever wish for.

My novel is not yet complete.  I do not know how many chapters are left to be written, or even what kind of chapters they will be.  And I certainly cannot sneak a peek at the final page to find out the ending! But that doesn't matter.  I love this novel, including every tender tear I've shed and every lively laugh I've savored while writing its pages.  For it is these special storylines interwoven together which make up my life.

Your novel is not the same as mine.  Perhaps you have been blessed with an extraordinarily good life, or maybe you too have enperienced many heart-rendering plot twists.  But persist in your writing, despite the pains or sorrows you encounter.  For this is your novel, uniquely yours, and no one else can ever have the same one.  Cherish your novel!




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     Welcome to "Reflections From Faye," my new blog! My goal is provide hopeful thoughts and inspirations to uplift your spirit.  

     My writing career was kicked off many years ago in the forest at the Villa Maria Retreat Center in Frontenac, MN.  While sitting on a bench during a breakfrom my retreat, I watched the trees around me and listened to the Spirit stir within me, and these words came gushing forth along with many tears.  In this poem, I re-discovered that God loves me just for who I am, despite my brokenness and challenges.  I share this with you so that you may know that God loves you, too. 



If God Loves

If God loves each and every tree,

No matter how gnarled and scarred it be,

The stately oak, the needled pine,

If He loves each and every kind;


If God loves all the birds that fly

Beating their wings, across the sky;

Each tiny egg, each splendid wing;

If God loves every living thing,


Then what about the broken me?

Can God love what I cannot see?

The wounds, the pain I try to fight;

I want to open to His light,


I want to know God’s love today,

To burn my heart, and ever stay

Inside my being and my soul,

I want to, somehow, become whole.


Can I have what the humble trees do?

Can I have God’s gracious love, too?


But yes; I can! For Jesus died

And rose again, so that my pride

Might vanish in His awesome light,

And I might be raised up from night;


To see that God cares not for masks,

Or the perfection the world asks.

God cares for what my heart does hide

Way down deep, deep inside.


For I was made by His own hand,

A part of His grand master plan.

And whether I am scarred or gnarled,

He’ll always love me as His child.


And if God loves each bird and tree,

I know God loves the child in me.

And if God loves me, and it’s true,

Then I can love myself now, too.