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Leap of Faith

Posted on September 12, 2016 at 10:40 AM Comments comments (2992)

Have you ever taken a leap of faith?  I'm not talking about a physical leap, but the other kind.  Maybe you left a job that you felt was not quite right to take on something new.  Perhaps you decided to take a class in something you have wanted to try for a long time, even though you weren't sure how you would fit it into your schedule.  These are only a few examples of leaps of faith. 

What happens when you take a leap of faith?  It's true that sometimes things don't go well - it's a fact of life that problems occur and bad things happen.  But maybe, something good comes out of that leap.  Your step might lighten as you are freed from a previous burden. Or a door culd open unexpectedly that provides you with extra income.  You never know when you take a leap of faith what will happen, but that's why they are called leaps of FAITH. 

One of the definitions of faith according to Merriam-Webster is "something that is believed especially with strong conviction." When you have faith, you believe without knowing everything.  Your belief is based on things you do know, and having trust in those things you don't know, that what you are doing will turn out right.  It can take great courage to make a leap of faith.


I am excited and humbled to announce that I am taking a leap of faith to do something which I believe God is calling me to do.  I am expanding these weekly reflections into an inspirational website with a blog, and launching a formal inspirational speaking and writing business.  My goal is to provide hope and encouragement to people just like you, and I am trusting this is where God is leading me.


I will no longer be posting these blog reflections on my personal Facebook page.  But if you like them and want to keep receiving them, you can get them in one of three new ways.  You can read them on my new website - - just look for the "Blog" tab, as I will be posting new reflections there every Monday.  Or you can get them delivered directly to your email inbox by subscribing to my newsletter - just send an email to [email protected] telling me you would like to subscribe. And finally, you can see them on my new business Facebook page "Reflections On The Journey" - just "like" the page. (


I hope you will continue to be inspired and blessed by my reflections, and please check out what is happening in my new business.  Have a beautiful Monday!