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Monday Meditation – Called 10/3/2022


“Come,” the angel said to the writer of the Book of Revelation (Rev 4:1), inviting him to see the beauty of the Holy City coming from heaven. “Come and see,” said Philip, inviting Nathanael to meet Jesus (John 1:46).


Let me show you. Come and see. These are invitations each of us have heard at one time or another in our lives. When we are called, and we heed the call, we may ...

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Rest and Relaxation

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Monday Meditation – Rest and Relaxation 9/26/2022


Everyone deserves some rest and relaxation. Most of us work hard to earn a living and take care of our responsibilities, and it’s important to rest. We can’t work 24/7 without getting burned out, and perhaps we might even turn into cranky old people! We need time to chill out, to do something different or do nothing at all. Even Jesus took breaks from his ministry – recall all the times he went off a...

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Monday Meditation – Trees 9/19/2022


I love trees - there are so many different kinds in our world! Especially during the fall months I have the opportunity in Minnesota to watch many trees’ leaves change colors – from hues of green to sunny yellows, vibrant oranges, vivid reds, and shades of brown.


But trees are also very symbolic, too. Remember back in the Garden of Eden when God said that Adam and Eve could eat of any of the fruits of...

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Monday Meditation – Docile 9/12/2022


What does the word docile mean to you? For years I thought that it just meant meekness and submission. It seemed to me that only weak people would be docile since strong people would need to or want to be in control.


But docile comes from the Latin word docere (to teach). Being docile means being “willing to be taught.” We can think about it as being attentive to the instructor, having our ears attun...

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Caring For Others

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Monday Meditation – Caring for Others 9/5/2022


At many times in our lives we need to care for others. It might be babysitting, caring for your own children, nursing a sick spouse, or tending to your parents when they got old. Some people even choose careers that involve caring for others, such as doctors, nurses, counselors, teachers, pastors and more.


Sometimes it’s easy to care for others – especially when they appreciate the work yo...

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Monday Meditation – Family 8/29/2022


Family is important. We are all members of God’s family, of course, but we also have individual families which shape our lives.


It’s interesting to see how my definition of family has changed over the years. When I was growing up, it seemed my family consisted of just my mom, my dad and me. My mom had relatives, but we didn’t see them very often because most of them lived in other states. I did...

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Monday Meditation – Success 8/22/2022


When was the last time you felt successful?


My cast, crew and I just completed the performances for the play I directed this summer. It was a lot of work, but we are calling this project a success!


The actors in my cast were superb – they worked so hard and added some many funny things to a play that was already quite hilarious. The crew was amazing as well… they stepped up to do...

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Monday Meditation – Inspiration 8/15/2022


Have you ever been suddenly inspired?


I have been inspired a number of times. Sometimes it happens when I’m really thinking hard about something I have to do, and in pondering all the facts a solution just pops up. In some conversations a witty remark will suddenly just materialize in my brain.


But when I write, it’s different, Sometimes, when I sit down to write the words ju...

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Monday Meditation – Treasures 8/8/2022


For the past week or so, there have been scripture readings at my church which talk about storing up treasure. The gospel reading from yesterday from Luke proclaimed these words of Jesus: “Do not be afraid of hunger, little flock, for your Father is pleased to give you the kingdom. Sell your belongings and give alms. Provide money bags for yourselves that do not wear out, an inexhaustible treasure in heaven that no thief ca...

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Monday Meditation – Busyness 8/1/2022


I’ve found myself trapped in “busyness” several times over the years, and I’m currently in the middle of one of those times. My summer project (directing the community theater play) has required much more time than I anticipated. I’ve ended up forgetting to do some of my regular tasks (oops), and I’ve had to put off another goal that I have been working on. I’ve had less time to spend wit...

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